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It's THAT time of year.

Posted by winyanmaka07 on August 14, 2019 at 10:00 AM
Good morning and a very warm handshake to each one of you whose eyes fall on these words to day. And YES!!!...IT IS THAT TIME OF YEAR. I have been busy making preparations to travel up to Slim Buttes on the Pine Ridge Reservation which is located in the southwestern corner of South Dakota. We really could use your help with this. I am excited for this year as, in addition to the continuing the build of the Indigenous Wisdom Community Center, and the Permaculture Convergence, we will begin the build of a small Children's Village because YAAAAAY...more toddlers and children are coming to the convergence with their parents. We want to provide an area where they can be comfortable and safe while their parents attend workshops. We want them to be able to be out the elements, like monsoons and extreme heat. In order to do this, we need your gracious assistance to purchase the materials and supplies needed. We only just got started raising the $2,500 needed to purchase: 2x4x8 - 100 pieces, 2 x 4 x12 - 50 pieces, and plywood, both 1/4" and 1/2". We hope to purchase the lumber needed at the Chadron Lumber Company in Chadron, Nebraska because of its close proximity to the site. MOST URGENT RIGHT NOW, AND INCLUDED IN THE $2,500 REQUEST, IS THE NEED TO RENT A 20' U-HAUL TRUCK TO TRANSPORT THE DONATED MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES THAT ARE TUCKED AWAY IN MY STORAGE HERE IN THE FORT. THIS INCLUDES ITEMS NEEDED FOR THE ELDERS AS WELL AS THE CHILDREN'S VILLAGE, AND THE MEDICS AREA. WE ALSO HAVE AND NEED MORE CLOTHING AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES. IF YOU CAN HELP WITH MONETARY DONATIONS, SCHOOL SUPPLIES, CLOTHING, OR GENTLY USED CHILDRENS TOYS FOR THE VILLAGE WE WOULD BE MOST GRATEFUL. AND PLEASE, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE YOUR TIME TO COME TO SLIM BUTTES AND WORK ALONGSIDE US, YOU WILL HAVE MANY AREAS TO CHOOSE FROM; THE OUTDOOR KITCHEN, PREPPING, COOKING, CLEANING, WEEDING AND WATERING THE GARDENS, OR HELPING TO SHORE UP THE EXISTING, OR BUILD NEW INFRASTRUCTURE. LOTS OF HARD WORK AND GOOD TIMES AROUND THE CAMPFIRE EVERY NIGHT. FINALLY, THE COST OF THE TRUCK IS $373 PLUS GAS FOR THE TRUCK, MY CAR AND TRAVEL. There is a donation button on this page if you can give a hand in any way, in any amount, you will become a part of supporting our efforts to improve the nutrition, health, and living conditions on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Just press the donate button and you will see PayPal there. Pilamayaye na Wicosani to each of you and those you love. Christinia

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